Author Bio

Adalbert Lallier, of Huguenot origin, Canadian citizen, professor emeritus of economics and international politics. Even though never a German citizen, drafted against his will to serve in the military of the Third Reich.

Education: B.A.Honours, economics and political science, McGill University; M.A. economics, graduate diploma in international politics, Columbia University, New York City; doctorat an sciences éconmiques, Sorbonne/Paris2, Paris; post- doctoral studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Thirty-six years of teaching at the university level; many public and private research assignment, with governments banks, the United Nations, UNRRA, and the International Refugee Organization. Special awards for teaching excellence. Linguist (six languages). Athletics, equestrian, mountain climbing; table tennis, chess. Involved in several humanitarian organizations.

Books: Doctoral dissertation: Intégration et déintégration économique: l’histoire, la théorie, la politique. Sorbonne/;Paris2, 1982. Sovereignty-Association: Economic Realism or Utopia? Oakville, New York: Mosaic Press, 1991. Souveraineté-Association: Réalisme économique ou utopie? Cercle du livre français, Molntréal, 1985; The Economics of Marx’s Grundrisse, Macmillan, London, 1989; Sexonomics, The Golden Triangle: Sexuality, Money, Power, Ebook: 2001; Sexonomics: The Golden Triangle, Xlibris, Bloomignton, 2013; A Peace Without Honor, Xlibris, Bloomington, 2013 , Intégration et désintégration économique: l’histoire, la théorie,la politique. Sorbonne/Paris2. 1985 ,  Sovereignty-Association: Economic Realism or Utopia. Toronto& New York: Mosaic Press, 1991 , Souveraineté-association: Réalisme économique ou utopie? Montréal, Cercle du livre français, 1990, The Economics of Marx’s Grundrisse, London&New York, Macmillan, 1989, Peace Without Honour, Montreal, SERVO Publishing, 1978.