To love means to give life . . .

To hate means to destroy life . . .

Author Adalbert Lallier, believes in peace, for he has known war. Having involuntarily witnessed multiple killing, he has chosen a life rooted in human loving and committee to peace.

Sexonomics : The Golden Triangle

Dr. Lallier delves into the association of sexuality, material welfare and well-being in Sexonomics: the Golden Triangle. In today’s reality, cash or other assets are paid in exchange for sex. Author Adalbert Lallier offers a contemporary view of sexuality utilizing the principles of supply, demand and competition.

Sexonomics : The Golden Triangle

Dr. Adalbert Lallier offers a new insightful book titled Sexonomics, a modern-day perspective on the economics and politics of human sexuality as a marketable commodity.


Auteur créatif et méchamment imaginatif, Adalbert Lallier nous offre Sexonomica, le triangle magique de la sexualité, de l’argent et du pouvoir, l’art et la science de la sexualité humaine. Ce livre attirant et extrêmement intéressant étudie la sexualité humaine d’un point de vue économique et politique dans un contexte social en mettant l’accent sur une égalité du pouvoir entre femmes et hommes.

(From a creative and highly imaginative author Adalbert Lallier comes an engaging and highly interesting book that tackles about the economics and politics of human sexuality in Sexonomica.

This book involves the magic triangle of sex, money and power that encourages readers to understand the true essence of love making and the art and science of equal empowerment of men and women.)

A Peace without Honor : Sin and Retribution I

In Peace without Honour, it unravels the guilt of a great nation that suffered punishment during the course of six bloody days of chaos and how life is after men have died and how their women have suffered.
This book reveals a harrowing, poignant and stirring tale of Vietnam’s postmortem after they plummeted into America’s crisis ridden society.


Ich schwöre dir, Adolf Hitler, Treue und Gehorsam
Bernhard Schlink’s The Reader is a contrived illusionary story in which the author reveals a closet neo-Nazi orientation by leading us to sympathize with a female member of the SS, a war crime perpetrator. He describes her as not being able to read or write in a country with the highest literacy rate in prewar Europe and hence could not be held responsible either for her war crime or for her postwar exploitation of a fifteen-year-old boy.
On the other hand, Sünde und Vergeltung 2, a fictional novel written by Adalbert Lallier is a historical tragedy rooted in actual events in particular the tragedy of the killing of seven Jewish inmates in the Panzergraben just outside of the KZ-Theresienstadt. The murderer, a former Waffen-SS officer, was finally brought to court and tried and convicted in March 2001.

I Swear to You, Adolf Hitler, Fealty and Obedience

Witness the Calvary of Austrian Jews torn between the rich material life of secularism, and the Word in the Scriptures of their heritage, as Nazism encroaches upon their nation.
Enter a time and place pitched in twilight, deprived of spiritual values, God and direction – all these they would need in their desperate struggle for survival against the Nazi exterminators in…
I Swear to You, Adolf Hitler, Fealty and Obedience: Sin and Retribution 2